The future of refrigeration is greener with Turboalgor.

The new Turboalgor technology with natural refrigerants immediately saves energy and increases cooling capacity, for refrigeration systems from 5 kW upwards.

How it works

Innovative efficiency systems
for industrial refrigeration

Turboalgor is an Italian innovative company owned by the Angelantoni Group.

Turboalgor has patented and developed innovative efficiency systems for integration into industrial refrigeration systems from 5 kW electrical power input upwards.

Turboalgor works with any refrigerant: from CO₂, to HFOs, Propane and current HFCs.

What you can achieve with Turboalgor technology
(applied to transcritical CO₂ plants)

  • up to 19% of energy saving
  • up to 42% of extra cooling capacity
  • saving CO₂ reduce environmental impact

A revolution for the industrial refrigeration sector

Turboalgor has received numerous awards at European level, with a H2020 Call for Proposals and a LIFE Call for Proposals won in 2016 and 2023 respectively, a National Call for Proposals and a Regional Call for Proposals.

Turboalgor introduces highly innovative and sometimes revolutionary components for the world of refrigeration and heat pumps: a turbocompressor for hydrocarbon and HFO systems, and a free piston expander-compressor for CO₂ transcritical systems.

The EU’s challenge is also our challenge.

Turboalgor is the company at the head of COLD ENERGY, a project financed by the European Community with the aim of reducing consumption and emissions and improving the efficiency of cooling systems.

  • Increased competitiveness

    Turboalgor contributes to increasing the competitiveness of European companies in the refrigeration industry.

  • CO₂ reductions

    Using cutting-edge technology, Turboalgor is able to cut carbon emissions, in line with EU directives.

  • For new or existing systems

    With its three application solutions, Turboalgor can intervene on both new and existing systems.