Turboalgor: the green choice of STEF Italia.
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Turboalgor: the green choice of STEF Italia.

STEF Italia has been implementing many initiatives in terms of environmental sustainability over the years. Among these, the choice of applying Turboalgor technology to a negative temperature cell to improve its energy efficiency.
Below there is the interview to Stefano Dallagrossa, Technical Real Estate Manager of STEF Italia and Matteo Bruzzano, Energy Manager of STEF Italia.

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1. Environmental sustainability: what is Stef's commitment on this side? What initiatives has it launched?

Dallagrossa: “In the last years, STEF has significantly increased its commitment to environmental sustainability and intends to do so further in the coming years as well. Among the many initiatives we can mention:
-The installation of LED lights in all warehouses
-The installation of photovoltaic panels
-The reduction of plastic and expansion of separate waste collection, both in offices and warehouses,
-The evolution of the fleet of own and subcontracted vehicles, with the introduction of sustainable vehicles (eg. Euro 6 of the latest generation, Electric, LNG etc.)
-The launch of a pilot project for 100% electricity distribution in the urban area of ​​Florence

For the next years we plan to continue along this path, both by strengthening the actions already undertaken, for example by installing new photovoltaic panels also in other branches and by exploring new solutions not yet put into practice. "

2. How is the world of transport and agri-food logistics changing in relation to environmental protection? Which are the scenarios?

Bruzzano: “As in other industrial sectors and in our everyday life, sensitivity towards these issues has increased a lot in our sector. We believe that environmental performance, being an integral part of that of our customers, must increasingly be the subject of measurement and improvement programs, paying attention to what technology makes available to support the evolutions that our sector is having, such as example, the explosion of Home delivery. "

3. How did you find out about Turboalgor and its solutions?

Dallagrossa: “STEF became aware of the technology that Turboalgor offers to its potential customers through the ITS ALL ENERGY EFFICIENCY 2018 event.“

4. What was it like working with Turboalgor?

Bruzzano: “Great experience, trained and professional people who have shown maximum availability, also collaborating with our refrigeration technicians.”

5. What are the benefits you have experienced with Turboalgor technology?

Dallagrossa: “We obtained an Energy Saving between 5% and 10% on a negative temperature cold storage installation of large dimensions (MQ / MC). In addition to economic saving, the reduction of the consumptions is in line with our sustainability projects."

6. Regarding this technological innovation, what would you recommend to entrepreneurs in your sector?

Bruzzano: “I would absolutely recommend to evaluate the product, because with the Saving that could be obtained, the return on investment is really interesting.”

7. Do you plan to take these “green” choices beyond national borders?

Bruzzano: “Yes, we will also make a presentation of the TEST installation realized in Colturano, during the group's next European Real Estate Seminar.”

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The EU’s challenge is also our challenge.

Turboalgor is the company at the head of COLD ENERGY, a project financed by the European Community with the aim of reducing consumption and emissions and improving the efficiency of cooling systems.

  • Increased competitiveness

    Turboalgor contributes to increasing the competitiveness of European companies in the refrigeration industry.

  • CO₂ reductions

    Using cutting-edge technology, Turboalgor is able to cut carbon emissions, in line with EU directives.

  • For new or existing systems

    With its three application solutions, Turboalgor can intervene on both new and existing systems.